Feb 22, 2012

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"Package" is the seventh video in the Find The Room/Making New Memories series and the fifth video on the MakingNewMemoriesAS channel.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

This is not what I usually recieve. Something is really messed up and I'm hoping that was some kid playing a prank or something. I left the box and its contents in the garage minus the DVD. I'll watch it when I get home, but for now I have to run to work. --Andrea Shepard

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~end video~ (lol)


The mask contained in the package is immensely similiar to the one seen on the Plague Doctor character seen in TJA Projects, if not intended to be the same one. The sipping bottle is almost certainly a reference to Dahlia.


While speculation has theorized that Servus and the Plague Doctor were the same individual, Servus is the only known entity aware of Andrea's double identity. This video suggests that there is likely another individual out there who is aware of Andrea's true identity, actively seeking to cause Andrea to discover her past (contrary to Servus' wishes), and has some kind of ill intent toward Servus or at least the minions of Slender Man.

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