Ask an Amnesiac #1


Jan 31, 2012

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"Ask an Amnesiac #1" is the fourth video in the Find The Room/Making New Memories series and the second video on the MakingNewMemoriesAS channel.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

I will try to do one of these every so often so if you keep submitting questions I'll be glad to answer them. Sorry about the wind noise as well. --Andrea Shepard

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Andrea: So, I got a question from a viewer asking, what if certain places make me feel a certain way or, you know, I get a certain thoughts about. And I do have a place that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable, and by "a little bit" I mean "a lot". And it's a tiny town off a highway 150, called Downs. And I used to take this road or taking a back road through Normal and Bloomington to 150


~end video~ (lol)



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